IEEE International Conference on Data Mining

The 5th International Workshop on the Market of Data
- Creating tools, data, and sensors from the Social Intelligence -

November 18th, 2017 in conjunction with IEEE ICDM 2017 New Orleans, USA


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MoDAT, the Market of Data, is a market where data and items linked to data are dealt with. Participants of this market include data provider, data user, data broker, data scientists, and latent stakeholders who may play a role in any businesses created using data. The goal of MoDAT is to realize data driven innovation, by reasonable methods of using and reusing data. Decisions to open data free, to sell data for suitable prices, or to exchange/share after negotiation, are made in the market of data to fit demands of data users and development of technologies. In negotiation, participants should discuss use-scenarios of data until they learn the value of data and, in a good case they feel free to share/exchange data with each other.

In MoDAT workshops since ICDM2013 till ICDM2016, we discussed how to design the market of data. So far, ideas were born to lead productive actions in businesses and sciences - including industrial, political, and educational sectors - with the aid of analogy, web mining, data links and so forth.

A good feature of the market of data is that resources (data, tools with AI, and devices for collecting data, i.e., sensors) have been invented by data scientists and data/sensor providers to fit the requirements of data users. That is, participants once try to combine existing resources but start to explore new resources, and finally decide to create new data, tools, and sensors. Also, we believe participants of ICDM, have rich resources to combine, and for accelerating the exploration and creation of resources. This year we focus on researchers’ motivation to ignite creativity, which may be derived from the real market of data, such as the requirements of real or latent users. We call for anyone interested in this topic and MoDAT.

Relevant topics (include, not restricted to)

However, the highlighted viewpoint of our review will be why you used, collected, or created the data. In this sense, the below will remain as a strengthened core topic this year:

We will divide accepted papers (both to be included in the ICDMW proceedings from IEEE) into (A) the oral session and (B) the gaming session of Innovators Marketplace® on Data Jackets, where social requirements and technical solutions meet, as an embodiment of innovative market of data. IMDJ is a gamified market of data, which is an experimental but a practical workshop toward data-driven innovation. Students and more than 100 companies joined IMDJ so far. Studies on theories and technologies for IMDJ are supported by Japan Sciences and Technology Agency, multiple ministries (MITI, MEXT, etc.) of Japan, and tens of private firms. Authors can choose one or both of them, but we recommend the latter - here participants will learn how, with whom, and why their resources can be the basis of businesses in the future.

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Our Past Records

We initiated MoDAT workshop since 2013, in ICDM2013. According to the workshop committee in ICDM2013, MoDAT has got reported to the steering committee as the best of all 17 workshops in the conference. Also, MoDAT has been selected as one of the 9 full day workshops accepted among 30 proposals in ICDM2014 according to Wei Wang and Zhi-Hua Zhou, the WS chairs of ICDM2014. Moreover, after the workshop in 2014, we went out to a restaurant outside for realizing a gaming session that we are planning again this year. MoDAT has contributed ICDM2015 and ICDM2016 too as a full day workshop. Furthermore, we organized and are organizing workshops, about data-based approaches to chance discovery, as follows:

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Important Dates

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Submit your paper(s) following the instruction below by the due August 7, 2017.

Authors are advised to visit the No.10 The 5th International Workshop on the Market of Data (MoDAT) in the list of submission site that includes information for paper submissions only for the workshop. Get the template convenient for you for writing.

Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of ten (10) pages, in the IEEE 2-column format, including the bibliography and any possible appendices. Submissions longer than 10 pages will be rejected without a review.

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Contact: Organizers

To: Yukio Ohsawa, Chair
Professor, Dept. of Systems Innovation, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8583, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-5841-2908
Email: (Ohsawa and Secretary) info (-AT-)

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