2nd International Symposium on Socionetwork Strategies in the Market of Data
-Intercultural Collaboration and Life Space Innovation-
February 15, 2020
Palmate Izumo
2065 Imaichicho, Izumo, Shimane 693-0001, JAPAN


[1/31, 2020] The program time has changed slightly.


The concept of Socionetwork (as coined by The Research Institute of Socionetworks, in Kansai University) is proposed here as a generic set of relations of people, things and concepts that relate to each other via explicit or latent relationships. The relationships are not necessarily pairwise made or visible, and it can involve several elements that co-exist in a common context for an invisible reason. The innovation will be focused on the time and place of the formation of the context and the recognition and satisfaction of common values that emerge from the latent reasons of the co-existence. The increased access to knowledge and information is changing the way we see the world. The comprehension of interdependency of systems that traditionally are seeing as independent clarifies the Socionetwork that surrounds the human life and space.

Market of data is the concept of the social environment where data permeates all layers of the society tradings or sharings. The ecosystem of the Market of Data includes domains such as science, business, social issues and ethics. On the one hand, it copes with technological advances that may support generation, supply and utilization of data to solve problems in the real world. On the other hand, it raises the awareness of what affects the flow of data in the society and the implications of its utilization. As an environment for data exchange, Market of Data embodies a socionetwork for nurturing data providers, data users, final consumers of products/services, technicists, and their relationships to seek data-driven innovation and value creation through the use of data. Data transpass the bounderies of the systems involving life, space, buildings, technology, and connect them all in an unique complex networked system that explains the reality around us.

In our symposium this year, we will focus on Human centered approach and give emphasis on the diversity of subjective knowledge flowing in the spaces where we live. We welcome all works that contribute to innovate in Life Spaces to make a better environment for people.

Special Guests


Feb, 15th (Sat.)


Kazunori Takayanagi

人の生活を中心としたスマートシティづくりのあり方の一例 (An example of how to create a smart city centered on human life)

Yumiko Nagoh

島根県高津川流域における関係人口創出事業と活動について (Related population creation activities in Shimane Takatsu river basin)

Coffee Break

Sae Kondo

The expected potential of living labs on the urbanism

11:00-14:00Field Work and Lunch Break

Stefania Bandini

Social and active inclusion of the elderly in the city through walkability: innovative approaches from data collection until simulation

Yukio Ohsawa

Data Jackets may Change with Your Drifting Speed in the Real Field

Teruaki Hayashi

Variable- and Context-based Knowledge Base for Reducing Belief Drift

Shusaku Tsumoto

Visualization of Clinical Activities in University Hospital

Naoki Watanabe

DA Algorithm and its Applications: School Choice and Personnel Assignment

16:30-17:20Presentation of the Field Work


Palmate Izumo (Access)
2065 Imaichicho, Izumo, Shimane 693-0001



The University of Tokyo - Open Innovation Program

Kansai University - The Research Institute for Socionetwork Strategies

Shimane University

Data Jacket Promotion Work Group

Innovation Systems Research Circle