KeyGraph: A basic tool since 1998

Data visualization: for the creative system design

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We develop processes for analyzing and synthesizing data and humans' ideas on consumers' behaviors, their conversation, earthquakes, medical treatment etc. For reinforcing this process, we have developed technologies to make data and thoughts visible to support the awareness of interesting rare events and their linkage to daily events, so that the rare events can become perceived as chances i.e., uncertain risks or opportunities affecting humans' decision making.


The free software posted below has been developed and used long (developed in 1998, revised every year) for the purposes of sciences and businesses:


We (Ohsawa and collaborators all over the world) are the original creator and the diffuser of KeyGraph(TM), as show by references including (just as a part) (1) through (8) in international publications distributed all over the world. Also researchers are worldwidely citing/using our KeyGraph as (9) to (18).
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Registered in Japan by Yukio Ohsawa in 2012, widely used in both sciences and businesses all over the world.