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MoDAT : Designing the Market of Data - for Synthesizing Data toward Innovations in Sciences, Businesses, and Educations -

Plans and Past Workshops

MoDAT 2017, New Orleans, USA, Nov 18, 2017
MoDAT 2016, Barcelona, Spain (proposal just accepted: April 2016)
MoDAT 2015, Atlantic City, USA (proposal just accepted: 1st April 2015)
MoDAT 2014, Shenzhen, China (proposal just accepted: 22nd April 2014)
MoDAT 2013, Dallas, TX USA


This workshop is not about data mining for marketing, but about how to create and design the market where data are reasonably dealt with, i.e., sold, opened free, or shared after negotiation. Our ultimate goal is to have each people on the earth feel free to share one's own data with others without fearing of the loss of business opportunities.

In order to make a social environment where analysts and decision makers in active businesses and sciences can be provided with data they need, in this workshop we aim to (re)design an environment called the Market of Data, where each user or provider of data can understand the value of each part of data so that one can buy/sell it for a reasonable price. Here, the value of each part of data shall be visualized to aid users' considering its possible contribution to promoting/creating businesses and scientific findings.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that data scientists need to import techniques from others, but the techniques are not easy to learn from experts dealing with different kinds of data, because the similarity between data is not always obvious. The similarity between latent dynamics behind data is also desired to be represented in such a way as visualizing distances among structural features of data for aiding the choice of success/failure cases of data mining to learn from.

Relevant Areas

In this workshop we call for presentations about what we can/should do for creating a marketplace where data and analysts・f knowledge are shared by selling and buying, with reasonably determining the conditions for sharing. Or, people in the market may communicate to decide to expose the data as open-source, if the trust of the data provider is expected to be elevated highly due to the contribution to people in the public. Thus the Market of Data (MODAT) means a place where the value of data and knowledge can be externalized. Relevant areas are as follows, but not restricted to:

Data/Text mining and visualization
Visualization of links among data, representing the possibility to combine them to discuss use scenarios of data
Visualization of links and distances among data, representing their similarities
Mining data or text for finding important events and attributes, in order to compute the links and distances
Extracting causalities, for externalizing links among data
Knowledge representation
Construction of dictionaries of variables, for reasonably linking among data
Representing the hierarchical structure of relevance among concepts and variables, used in the thoughts of analysts and users
Methods for creative communication and argumentation
Data-based communication for evaluating the value of an event, i.e., chance discovery, and data which may include such an event
Visual interface for triggering meaningful thoughts of stakeholders

Members of Program Committee So Far

Abe, Akinori: Chiba University, Japan
Abraham, Ajith: Machine Intelligence Research Labs, USA
Bruza, Peter: Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Chang, Kuiyu: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Hasida, Koiti: The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
Hong, Chao-Fu: Aletheia Universtity, Taiwan
Liu, Huan: Arizonsa State University, USA
Llora, Xavier: NCSA, USA
de Maeyer, Christel: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Ohsawa, Yukio: The University of Tokyo, Japan
Slezak, Dominik: Warsaw University, Poland
Takeda, Hideaki: National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Van den Poel, Dirk: Ghent University, Belgium
Wang, Henry: Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Welge, Michael: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Yada, Katsutoshi: Kansai University, Japan

Past records

We initiated MoDAT workshop since 2013, in ICDM2013. See the rich contents of MoDAT2013. According to the workshop committee of ICDM2013, our workshop has got reported to the steering committee as the best of all 19 workshops in the conference. Also we organized workshops that are linked to the present proposal. That are about data-driven approaches to business strategies such as Chance discovery and Data Synthesis (more than 30 international workshops and symposia, including ICDM 2010, AAAI Springer Symposia 2001, IJCAI 2011, ECAI2004, ECAI2011, KES2000 till 2013) Discovery, Decision, and Design (IEEE SMC 2005-2011), and other workshops organized by the Technical Committee of Information Systems for Design and Marketing: Ohsawa (the chair) has been and is the TC chair of Information Systems for Design and Marketing, in SMC society of IEEE. If we count those including any of the program committee members, the record will be too large to list here, e.g., workshops on data based marketing where business people and data scientists meet. Also we edited Special Issues as guest editors for international journals, mainly relevant to chance discovery. The journals were: International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science (2013), International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence (2011), International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms (2010), Information Sciences (2009), International Journal of Knowledge-based and Intelligent Engineering Systems (2007,2008), New Mathematics and Natural Computation (2006), New Generation Computing (2003), and Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management (2002).

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