Kazuo Furuta (The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Chao-Fu Hong (Aletheia University, Taiwan)
Bernie Acs (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
David Bergner (NASA Ames Research Center, USA)

Chair: Yukio Ohsawa (Prof. The University of Tokyo)

The scope of this panel is to discover hidden resources which should be counted as a significant component of the global system of services. For example, knowledge has been introduced as such a component in the late of 20th century. And, everyone is now aware of its significance - we cannot continue creating, providing, or consuming meaningful services without managing knowledge.

What are the missing resources, at present, for realizing a service system for sustainable creation and circulation of values? Is it ... - the good will of humans? - a forthcoming social system not available today? - new minerals, energy resources, or even a dust in the universe? - or ... what?

If you have an answer, what will be the services and the values to be created by introducing those new resources? Who will play the role as providers/consumers/communicators of those values?