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In a number of different areas, not only researchers but also workers in all kinds of business became recently interested in events and situations that may embrace a significant meaning for humans' decision making. In other words, these events or situations are viewed as opportunities, or as risks. A chance is such a event or a situation, which may be rare but provides an opportunity or a risk to humans. If humans fail to take it into their process of decision making (or problem solving), a fatal result may emerge in the near future, whereas a fruit may come in if they notice and understands the value of a chance at a suitable moment. Noticing such an event is described as the discovery of (in stead of by) a chance. Chance Discovery can be characterized in terms of becoming aware of a chance, and explaining its significance.

We are engaged in researches and developments of methods for chance discovery since 2000. The essential aspect of a chance is that it can be the seed of new and significant changes in the near future. Students, collaborators, and sponsors interested in designing a wealthy future are welcome to discuss what we can do together.

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